MonoDevelop style ‘Blue Ruby’

MonoDevelop 2.8 syntax highlighting style 'Blue Ruby'

MonoDevelop style ‘Blue Ruby’

I was reading  the Ruby in twenty minutes documentation here the other day and found the highlighting in the examples very pleasing to the eye.  So I made a similar looking style in MonoDevelop 2.8.  I was very happy with the result so here is the style sheet so you can import it yourself.


MonoDevelop C# Color Theme

Download color hi-lighting style:  TRS_MonoDevelop_SyntaxHighlighting_Style_03 (v2.8.2)

Download color hi-lighting style: BlueRuby_MonoDevelop_401.xml (** v4.0.1 – Added this is for Unity3D 4.3 and up)



Visual Studio Express Color Theme

Download color hi-lighting style: BlueRuby.vssettings (Tested with VSE 2012)



Eclipse Java Color Theme

I recently added this theme to so I could use it while coding Java in Eclipse.  So here is the link if you want to use it there;



How To Import MonoDevelop Style

Under Tools->Options you will find “Syntax Highlighting” in the Text Editor category.  Hit the add button and import the xml style file.

Tools Options Syntax Highlighting




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