Solitaire & Casino


Solitaire & Casino

This game combines solitaire and casino mechanics allowing the player to bet on weather he/she thinks the hand will be won.  There are four casinos with 10 levels in each, and each casino has it’s own rules, each a bit harder than the previous.  The money won can be used to unlock new levels.  If the player make many good moves in a row and within a certain time they are rewarded with bonus multipliers making all actions more profitable.

Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Chill out with a game of solitaire, but don’t play the same old game over and over, get a fresh experience with each new level.  Casinos have different house rules as well, so as you unlock new casinos you will get to challenge your mental skills.



  • Progress through 40 UNIQUE levels.
  • Gain achievements for great displays of skill.
  • Unlock 4 casinos with 4 different solitaire rule sets.
  • Bet on each game to increase your winnings.
  • Classic solitaire games just got a makeover.
  • Unlock new levels with money you win.
  • Help screen will tell you exactly the rules of your current level.
  • Tutorials will help you understand each new casino’s rules.
  • Touch & Gesture designed gameplay (One touch or drag & drop)
  • HD Graphics, designed for the iPad


Release Date

Mar 14, 2014



Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


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